Read this Building a Chicken Coop review to find out how well Bill Keene explains how to build a chicken coop in his instructions. I had a chance to personally meet with Bill Keene before I set out to write this Building a Chicken Coop review. I asked him a few questions as I was set out to build my very first chicken coop.

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First of all, I am an amateur chicken farmer and have always considered keeping chickens in my backyard. There is nothing like having fresh chicken eggs in the morning every time the sun rises. I don’t have large acres to build a giant chicken coop so that was why I was first attracted to Building a Chicken Coop. Bill Keene’s advice walked me throughout the way to build the right chicken coop. Before I even spent a penny on the birds, equipment, or feed, Keene told me about every issue I should consider.

Building a Chicken Coop Review

Some of the main points told in the Building a Chicken Coop book to consider is to tell you what kind of species goes with your garden. Also it shows you what to feed them and most importantly, how to build a chicken coop. Because the diagrams and instructions were easy-to-read, it gave a really good head start in my Building a Chicken Coop review. The lists and materials needed were also really helpful and I was even able to used and old recycled materials to save money. It not only made it more environmentally safe and sound, but it was also nice on the pocket book.

The Building a Chicken Coop book is so thorough and detailed it really surprised me. It went from telling you how often you should care for your chicken to be a good poultry keeper, to even what you should expect from the color of the egg and how to tell if the hen is healthy from their feces.

I highly recommend in my Building a Chicken Coop review to try this product out because you can tell Bill Keene put a lot of effort in this book and really cares about your success in building a chicken coop. Just from reading his excerpts alone, you can tell he is a complete expert in the field and does not leave any stone unturned.

Right now I have so many eggs from my eight healthy hens and it is all thanks to Bill Keene and his Building a Chicken Coop book. I give this Building a Chicken Coop review two thumbs up! I highly recommend that you check out Bill Keene’s Building a Chicken Coop book if you want to successfully build a chicken coop, raise chickens and hens, and have a plethora of healthy eggs every morning.

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6 Responses to “Building a Chicken Coop Review”

  1. Thomas Danko says:

    Thanks for the review. I went ahead and purchased the ebook and I gotta say that it looks really thorough.

  2. arnold murphy says:

    my son and I built our very first chicken coop. It’s small but it does the trick

  3. Nicki says:

    so easy to build a chicken coop that a girl can do it!

  4. Raymond says:

    thanks for the chicken coop advice!

  5. Andrew Klein says:

    I had no issues building a coop. this site is legit!

  6. Justin says:

    Easy plans. My chickens are enjoying their chicken coop!

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