Chicken Coop Plans

Published on 29 September 2010 by in How to Build a Chicken Coop


Read about how to use these chicken coop plans to make a chicken coop. Raising chickens is one of the world’s most beloved industries as well as hobbies. Keep reading about chicken coop plans and then decide if you are able to make it yourself.

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Chicken Coop Plans
In many countries all over the globe, people love to raise chicken not only as a means to sustain them, but as a means of getting good old quality, home grown and organically fed chicken. No supermarket, genetically altered chicken could ever beat the rich taste and healthy goodness of a farm raised hen. Many chicken raisers are proud of their own breed and their own quality, taste and recipes. For this reason a lot of people with huge backyard spaces are making their own personal chicken coops. Having your own chicken coop plans make it ten times easier to build.

There are a lot of pre-made chicken coops available in the market today; however, most of these chicken coops are too large, too small or too expensive for your budget. That is why most people prefer building their very own chicken coops. The first step that you need to do is to make your very own chicken coop plans. You can either research about chicken coop plans on the internet or you can start making one on your own, just make sure that you modify your plans accordingly or that you make your own chicken coop plan with your own personal limitations in mind.

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How big is your free space and how big do you want your chicken coop to be? In making your chicken coop plans, make sure that you measure your desired height, width and length beforehand. The bigger the space you have in your yard the more work room you can have and the more space you can utilize for your chicken coop. The bigger your chicken coop will also affect the cost of the materials; you need to make sure that you still have the money to buy the chickens and the feed. I suggest that you plan your chicken coop below your budget compromising level, remember if this is your first time making your chicken coop, you might spend a lot on it just to have it gone and unused later.
Make sure that you make your coop in a strategic location, believe me, you don’t want your entire house smelling like chicken. Locate it at little far away from your main establishment. Make sure that the chicken coop you make is made of the right materials and not just any scrap you find. In making your chicken coop plans, consider the chicken’s need for cleanliness, using old and moldy wood can cause infection. Proper ventilation is needed here but keep in mind that you can’t make a chicken coop with windows in it. Angle the flooring slightly lower near the entrance so you can clean and wash the chicken coop with ease.

Making a chicken coop plan is an enjoyable and beneficial activity for the whole family. In a few days time, the whole family can enjoy great food, great bonding and a great experience that they can treasure for a lifetime.

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