If you want to learn how to build a hen house, keep on reading this article. It’s important to keep your birds safe and warm so that it protects them from predators and also from diseases that the hens could get. It is a safe haven for your birds to live and eat. I’ll go over the reasons why you should have a hen house and also how to build a hen house.

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What You Should Know About How To Build a Hen House
It’s important that your chickens have access to clean water all year around. I would recommend installing an automatic watering system inside the hen house. It’s good to keep the water clean and also if you live in an area with mosquitoes, you do not want to have standing water out for long periods of time.

In your hen house, be sure to have some sort of electricity to brood chicks and also provide enough light to get your hens to lay eggs all year round. Running a simple electricity system inside the hen house is not a difficult task to do. I will explain more about it later in this article or on any of the links in this article.

Along with an automatic watering system, having a automatic feeder will come in handy so they the birds get fed at a regular schedule everyday. Also when you are away on vacation, the chickens will be able to get fed and not starve to death. There are models that are available which hang on the wall and dispense a certain amount of food at a specific time. You can also try additional dispensers for oyster shell or grit. Keep the food storage near the hen house, but make absolutely sure that it is secure and tightly shut in a bin or metal garbage can. You need to insure that the food cannot be accessible by rodents at night or other creatures.

Make sure that the hen house is completely closed with wire as well so that predators do not make off with young chicks that are still growing and have no defense. I would also bury some chicken wire around the perimeter of the hen house so that there is no rodents that dig up from underneath and into the chicken coop.

In the placement of your hen house, take note where the sun is the strongest in your backyard and make sure that the hen house gets some shade so that they are not in direct sunlight all the time. If you are in a windy area, you’ll need a windbreak which will protect the birds from wind and large storms.

You will definitely need a lot of straw to line nest boxes and the straw should be fresh. Also keep a rake and broom nearby to clean up old straw as well.

These are just tips on building you hen house, but I would like to show you diagrams and instructions on how to build a hen house at home. There are very expensive pre-built hen houses that you can buy for thousands of dollars, but it gets to be really expensive. You can scrap all of that and build one for yourself for much less expensive.

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