Here are the instructions on how to make a chicken coop including the 5 elements that you have to take in consideration. Each of these principles will ensure that your birds will grow up in a healthy environment free from diseases and predators. Keep reading to learn exactly how to make a chicken coop.

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How To Make a Chicken Coop
Design Plans of Your Chicken Coop
Before choosing on a final design plan and before you make your chicken coop, you need to survey your backyard or where ever you plan on building the chicken coop. There are some things to consider such as how much sunlight the area gets, is it easily accessible to rodents and predators, and how close it is to a disposing place. There will be a lot of bird feces that you need to clean up along with some hay every now and then so be sure to keep the chicken coop in an area where you can get to easily. Also make sure that the chicken coop is placed in an area that gets plenty of sunshine along with air the flows easily in and out of the hen house. If you have any broken fences surrounding the chicken coop, you will need to fix that before you place your birds in the hen house. Pretty much you need to use sound judgment in the placement and design of the DIY chicken coop. One more piece of advice regarding the hen house is that is you need to think about the grass or weeds that you have in the surrounding area.

How To Make a Chicken Coop and Protect It From Predators
When you are learning how to make a chicken coop, one of the most important things is to keep it free from foxes or other predators that will feast on your birds. Use chicken wire to protect your birds and keep rodents from coming in. Also be sure to seal up small cracks where rats can go in and mess up your birds’ eggs and disturb your birds. Raccoons will be your worst enemy and they love to come out at night and dig underneath your hen house to get to your birds. It’s important to set up a perimeter around your chicken coop when you are making it.

Think About The Weather and Natural Resources when Making Your Chicken Coop
As mentioned earlier, your birds need proper ventilation but they also need to be protected by natural occurrences like rain. Having a rain soaked bird is the best way to spread diseases among them and get them sick. It’s really important to keep your birds safe and dry from the weather when you are making a chicken coop. Also your chicken feeders and watering systems need to be in immaculate condition at all times and needs to be close to your hen house, keep these in mind when you know how to make a chicken coop.

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Let’s review some of the things you need to know when you know how to make a chicken coop.
• Have enough room in and around your chicken coop.
• Make sure your chicken coop gets enough sunlight and is safe from rain, hail, snow, and the cold.
• Keep rodents and predators out of your hen house by setting up a perimeter around the chicken coop along with the whole property.
• Your chicken coop needs to be easily accessible to water and feeder systems and also when you clean it periodically.
• Think about your lawn in the area and weeds that may be accessible to your birds.

These are all important elements that you need to know when you know how to make a chicken coop. It can literally take months to plan, design, and draw up a blueprint for how to make a chicken coop. But don’t fret! Luckily for you, I have already done all the hard work and provided you with multiple versions of chicken coop plans that you can use. All you have to do is select the dimensions you want for your chicken coop and the style of the design. I have made sure that the designs are all ergonomically fit and that it’s just plain smart. For example, all the doors are wide enough and easy to get into the chicken coop to clean the coop, add hay, or expand it so you can add more birds. To get to these plans, go ahead and click the link on these pages to access it.

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What are some of your plans on how to make a chicken coop?

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