Chicken Coop Building Plans

You need chicken coop building plans and do not want to spend a fortune for those pre-built chicken coops. I felt the same way. I saw these chicken coops that sold for thousands of dollars. I knew that I could build them myself if only I had my hands on chicken coop building plans. All in all, I spent about $200 more or less on building my own chicken coop. And I’ll tell you what, my neighbors all think that I bought it for thousands of dollars. In this article, I’ll show you how I did it and also give you information on chicken feeders, chicken water containers, chicken nest boxes, and chicken roosts. Before I start, be sure to check out the link below:

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Chicken Coop Building Plans
There are a plethora of different chicken coop designs and many ways for you to design your coop for your birds. If you have scrap lumber at home and left over house paint, you can build a chicken coop for relatively cheap.

Depending on your needs and how many birds you’ll have, you’ll need to design the coop based on that. If you only need a portable chicken coop, I would suggest a chicken tractor, which will do that exact job. Chicken tractors do not have a floor to them and some people move them from one part of their lawn to another so that their green grass doesn’t get ruined. Having birds will destroy and kind of lawn that you do have. The chicken tractors are used as a temporary thing and their droppings can be used as fertilizer for you lawn.

Chicken Coop Building Plans Materials
The materials you’ll need in your chicken coop is mainly wood, sometimes you can improvise and use other materials such as PVC pipes, barrels, tarps, and shingles. If you check out the link below, I’ll go into detail how you can use these materials. Basically, you’ll need some scrap lumber and nails. If you are handy with your hands and can build things, then this project of building a chicken coop is for you.

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When you need to build chicken nest boxes, you’ll need to allow some straw to sit on the bottom so the eggs won’t crack when they lay. Birds are social creatures and will end up sharing the same nest box with other birds. You will not need to build a nest box for each chicken that you have.

Also when building a chicken roost, a 2’ by 4’ board should work fine. As long as it give enough room for your birds . You can also make a chicken feeder and water container with 5-gallon buckets. Some people like to buy the feeders from the store, but it really depends on your needs and how many birds you have in your coop.

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Chicken Coop Designs

Published on 05 December 2009 by in Building Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Designs

There are several chicken coop designs that you can utilize to house your hens and chickens. These chicken coop designs can range from mini, small, medium, large, and chicken coop tractors. You’ll even find nice chicken coop designs like a double-story ark coop. You can easily build these chicken coops yourself without having to spend thousands of dollars on a small hen house. I’ve researched some of these pre-built chicken coops and the mini version that they have starts at well over $1,000. That’s pretty expensive when you can build the chicken coop yourself for literally a fraction of that cost.

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If you have an old shed you can possibly use that as a chicken coop design, but it may not be well ventilated or have enough light in it to safely house your hens. It’s important to have a large barn if you have too many predators around your area. One time, I lost 40 birds in week when I tried to free-ranges the chickens. I knew I had to have a chicken coop to house the birds.

You also need to give the birds plenty of space because in case they are breeding, you may need a separate breeding pen. The rooster pens will need extra space so that they don’t end up killing each other. Here is the general rule of thumb when thinking about your chicken coop designs:

Per chicken: allow a minimum of 3-4 square feet in the coop and about 8-10 square feet in run. These are the standards. If you have bantams, it will generally run 2-3 square feet in the coop and 6-8 square feet in the run. Again, if you are breeding, it is best to give them as must space as you can. You can never get too big when it comes to the run.

First you must determine how much space you have when deciding your chicken coop designs. The above standards are rules, but of course if you have more room and more space, you can allocate a bit more, or even have more coops. Especially when you start raising chickens, you will want more chickens to keep them company. Birds are social creatures and they need the company of other chickens in order to not be stressed out.

Note that chickens belong outside unless they are roosting and laying so that is where the chicken coop comes in. Roosting is when the chickens are sleeping at night. Also know that the birds will tear up whatever landscape that they are on. You’ll notice soon that the grass will be all gone and they will be pooping everywhere.

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Good luck with your plans on building chicken coops and raising little chicks. You will need these chicken coop designs to build a correct one with the right size and enough lighting and ventilation.

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