Chicken Coop Building Plans

You need chicken coop building plans and do not want to spend a fortune for those pre-built chicken coops. I felt the same way. I saw these chicken coops that sold for thousands of dollars. I knew that I could build them myself if only I had my hands on chicken coop building plans. All in all, I spent about $200 more or less on building my own chicken coop. And I’ll tell you what, my neighbors all think that I bought it for thousands of dollars. In this article, I’ll show you how I did it and also give you information on chicken feeders, chicken water containers, chicken nest boxes, and chicken roosts. Before I start, be sure to check out the link below:

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Chicken Coop Building Plans
There are a plethora of different chicken coop designs and many ways for you to design your coop for your birds. If you have scrap lumber at home and left over house paint, you can build a chicken coop for relatively cheap.

Depending on your needs and how many birds you’ll have, you’ll need to design the coop based on that. If you only need a portable chicken coop, I would suggest a chicken tractor, which will do that exact job. Chicken tractors do not have a floor to them and some people move them from one part of their lawn to another so that their green grass doesn’t get ruined. Having birds will destroy and kind of lawn that you do have. The chicken tractors are used as a temporary thing and their droppings can be used as fertilizer for you lawn.

Chicken Coop Building Plans Materials
The materials you’ll need in your chicken coop is mainly wood, sometimes you can improvise and use other materials such as PVC pipes, barrels, tarps, and shingles. If you check out the link below, I’ll go into detail how you can use these materials. Basically, you’ll need some scrap lumber and nails. If you are handy with your hands and can build things, then this project of building a chicken coop is for you.

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When you need to build chicken nest boxes, you’ll need to allow some straw to sit on the bottom so the eggs won’t crack when they lay. Birds are social creatures and will end up sharing the same nest box with other birds. You will not need to build a nest box for each chicken that you have.

Also when building a chicken roost, a 2’ by 4’ board should work fine. As long as it give enough room for your birds . You can also make a chicken feeder and water container with 5-gallon buckets. Some people like to buy the feeders from the store, but it really depends on your needs and how many birds you have in your coop.

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How to Build a Chicken Coop

I will show you how to build a chicken coop, but let me give you an introduction to chicken coops. First off, a chicken coop is used as a shelter and safe retreat for chickens and it also give hens a place to lay their eggs in a safe environment. The chicken coop needs to have an area where the chickens can roam around in their outside environment called a run. You should determine whether or not the chickens should be confined in a holding pen that is fully enclosed, free-range, or fenced off. This depends on the natural predators that are around the area and it can be either wild or domestic.

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Depending on how many chickens you plan to have, you will need to build a coop based on that size. It can range from small, medium, large, to even chicken tractors. The example I will provide on how to build a chicken coop is for 8 chickens. You should follow these general rules when knowing how to build a chicken coop.

– You need to allow at least 5 square feet of space for each chicken. This allow them plenty of space for each individual chicken or hen.
– Generally, if you have about 8 chickens, they can share a total of 3 nests between those eight. Any more chickens, you’ll need more nests.
– Give at least 9 inches in perch length for each of your chickens. I will explain this further later on.

How to Build a Chicken Coop

It’s important to keep these things in mind when building a chicken coops. The chicken coop needs to provide a bit of storage area and needs an entrance hole, called a chicken hatchway. It’s imperative to have ample lighting and ventilation for the chickens. Also keep in mind that the door to the entrance should be big enough so that you can clean the chicken coop with ease. The door should open inwards and consider putting a lock on it as well. When knowing how to build a chicken coop, you’ll know that the floor has to allow for about inches of wood shavings called deep litter.

When installing a feeder and water system, some people make their own, but you can also just buy a supply system that has it already made.

Keep these 3 main focus points when learning how to build a chicken coop.
1. It’s important that your chicken coop stays safe from predators and from the weather. You don’t want to lose and chickens, hens, or eggs to something that you can do to protect it.
2. Make sure that you keep the chicken coop at an easy maintenance level. This way you can keep it clean and take good care of the chickens and hens.
3. The chicken coop needs to have ventilation but also stay warm. It is a safe haven for the chickens and they also need some light that gets into the coop.

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